Personal Marketing

We have the tools and resources to help win more listings and market those listings. 

CRM & Personal Website

The CBA Office platform is your all-in-one solution designed to make your business more efficient, improve your marketing, and make managing your sphere of influence easier. Features of CBA Office include:

  • CRM: Integrated CRM makes it easy to associate with listings with sellers/buyers, market new listings to likely prospects, and conduct lead follow up.  

  • Open House Tools: Use digital sign-in pages at your open houses to ensure accurate, legible contact information added directly to your CRM. 

  • Email Marketing: Monitor open rates and stay in touch with your database of contacts. 

  • Personal Website: Take total control of your visual website editing tool which gives you the option to change videos, photos, texts, add custom landing pages and more! 



Our marketing team provides you with everything you need to market yourself and your listings.