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Success & Balance 
Everyone has dreams. Our purpose is to help you achieve those dreams. 

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A Personal Development Company

Today, success requires a very individualized and focused plan for each and every one of our agents. Therefore our focus for our agents is to help them build a business that's successful and fulfilling through focus and mindset.

Wealth Builder
Wealth Builder Expos were created to offer Coldwell Banker real estate professionals clear and actionable financial strategies they can use to grow and protect their personal wealth, now and into the future.

Referral Rewards

CB Referral Rewards

Referral Rewards is a powerful wealth builder program that helps you generate a passive revenue stream by introducing other successful agents* to a career with Coldwell Banker®.

A Referral Rewards Commission pays an equivalent to 1% of the sponsored agent's adjusted gross commission income (AGCI) on closed transactions.

Since the 1% is not based on profitability and does not require the formation of a team nor building and managing a down-line, this is truly a magnificent wealth-building strategy and yet another way that Coldwell Banker Advantage agents earn more.

Share in the success with the agents you most admire, and unlock your unlimited earning potential. with CB Referral Rewards.


refer. recruit.

Team Development
We believe our purpose is to help our agents achieve the greatest success in their business while still having a work life balance.

What Moves Her

Inspiring The Best In You

When first introduced by the intenational Coldwell Banker brand, we recognized the What Moves Her campaign as aligning with our own values and the commitment to our CBA community of agents and staff. Our leadership-nurturing culture has been enhanced by this initiative with a focus on supporting women in our industry. Our goal is to create an environment where women feel empowered, encouraged and inspired to enrich their personal and professional lives while influencing those around her.

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