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  • Elsa Woods

Local Food Drives

Updated: May 10

Every autumn, as the leaves change and the air turns cool, something special takes place at Coldwell Banker Advantage offices in the Triad and Triangle regions. It's a tradition deeply rooted in the company's culture—one that extends beyond real estate transactions. It's about giving back to the communities that have embraced and supported them. The office food drives organized by Coldwell Banker Advantage exemplify this generous spirit, bringing agents and staff together to make a positive impact on local food banks.

These food drives have long been a vital part of Coldwell Banker Advantage's dedication to community service. Agents and employees unite in support of the cause, pooling their efforts and resources to help those in need. The outcome? Thousands of pounds of food donated, accompanied by generous financial contributions, all aimed at addressing hunger and assisting families experiencing food insecurity.

Additionally, these food drives underscore the importance of solidarity in pursuing a shared goal. Through collective efforts and a common mission, our agents exemplify the essence of giving, enhancing the lives of numerous individuals and families in the process.

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