Business Acceleration

Building Your Business Within Our Business

Growing Your Business

While many residential real estate firms work hard to be successful, most have not changed their approach to the business since the mid 1990’s.  At CB Advantage, we know that just as consumers demand more and different services from our agents, that our agents also need greater innovation and support to help them succeed in today’s world.

Therefore our focus for our agent’s success to help them build their business inside of our business; ala Business Acceleration.  A generic, cookie cutter approach to helping an agent grow is a strategy of a bygone era.  Today, success requires a very individualized and focused plan for each an every one of our agents.  

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Business Growth Services

Our services include:

  • Individualized business planning

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Modern Sphere development strategies

  • Successful and innovative marketing strategies – including social strategies

  • Video development strategies

  • Operational reviews

  • Team development planning

  • Outsourcing strategies

  • Lead and appointment generating tactics

  • Time management activities

  • And so much more….based on an individual needs

So whether a new agent needs to devise a strategy to re-position themselves in their new career, an experienced agent who has yet to achieve their personal potential, or an agent with an assertive mindset looking to take the market share (and perhaps their team share) to an entirely new level, the leadership team at CB Advantage is anxious to help get you there.